Drowning in games and don’t know what to play…

Ever get the feeling of nothing to play while you actually have hundreds of games in your Steam library? If you do, high-five there. I am in a rut right now where I have no idea of what to play at all despite the fact that I wanted to clear as much games that I humanly can.


Not one game entices me as of now. I might be tempted to shoot my friends on CS:GO if they are online (a few are but not enough to warrant a friendly game). I am considering of Blade and Souls with bontakun but I am not motivated by the fact that I will probably be MIA from it once my kids are back again. RPGs are running in my heads as well; my Disgaea (PC) has yet to be started, I am only halfway through Divinity: Original Sin EE, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is rotting in the library, and my Tales of Zestiria tucked into a corner of cobwebs.

One might look at me showing off my library of games. One might think that I am not appreciative of the personal time that I am blessed with despite that I have two boys and an occasionally hectic work schedule (come to think bout it, I do have the trace-ability matrix that I need to complete, hmmmph). Well, I am not (and really don’t see the point of doing this to anyone at all), and apparently, I am not alone as well.

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Honestly, I was staring at my game library for around 15 minutes there and in the end, decided to just turn on my browser to check if there’s anything worth reading or checking out. After around 30 minutes of checking out mangas (Bleach decided to power-up Hitsugaya on top of Zaraki), sports (Liverpool keeps their winning streak *yay* but lost Origi to a bad tackle *boo*), and Facebook (yes, I am that bored) – I am here updating a post for the night before I knock off as well.

Okay, back to topic!

So, what’s the recommendation to get out of this rut/ditch/boredom! A few recommended ways that I have seen online:

  1. Quit gaming! Live your life! There are better things to do!
    • …do you get rid of your wife/family/house when you get bored of them for a while? What’s life if you have to give up something that is passion of yours without due consideration? Thumbs down.
  2. Stop buying every game that is on sales. Be picky. Control the urges and enjoy the ones that you have first!
    • At least this sounds like an idea. Was checking out Humble Bundle earlier and hmm, maybe I should just skip the Telltale Games + Devolver Digitals bundle after all.
  3. Sudden disinterest in your passion can be a sign of serious depression.
    • Due to a few incidents recently, this does hit a nerve when I read about it… Hmm, will monitor myself and as advised by fellow gamers online, should this affect other stuff in life, I might have to see a doctor *fingers crossed*
  4. You are probably just burnt out. Pick up a book or just chill out. Don’t force yourself to game just because you have always been gaming.
    • Probably the best opinion so far. I mean, I don’t have to play every single night  and I do have a few books that I wanted to read 🙂 Plus, have wanted to sleep early to keep myself from looking like a zombie at work all the time.
  5. Play one game at a time. Think of the story, gameplay, better ways of doing things in it, and complete it before moving on. Self-control to ensure that you don’t overspread yourself and kill the passion for the game.
    • Sounds similar to the ones before but hmm, I guess that I will try this point tomorrow night. I am looking at you, Disgaea! Will see if I can last till the Red Moon song.

Okay then – not gonna waste my time in reading ways to get rid of this boredom, picking up a stack of comics that Jeff bought for me as Christmas (or birthday, lol) and heading off to the room!

Stuff of legends!

A nice cold glass of Pepsi, bag of chips, and comics, life ain’t bad after all =D




And here it is, the first post. The start! The entrée! Keeping sincere hopes that this does not die out the same way like my other ideas and dreams that I keeps coming up with *fingers crossed*

So, who am I? I am yet another guy in the IT cogwheels with an undying passion for PC gaming, a father of two gorgeous boys, second child of four awesome siblings, and generally your typical human being who wish that every day is a holiday with no worries at all.

So, why do I write? I have always enjoyed writing and wanted to keep my thoughts, memories, and miscellaneous thoughts, into somewhere/something that I can’t misplace or lose for good (‘less WordPress decides to shutdown *chuckle*) . Plus it is never a bad thing to practice writing, after all, my job involves plenty of writing.

So, what do I write? Aside from the stuff mentioned, in general, I plan to write about my passion (PC gaming, RPGs, etcetera), my life, and hopefully something that my kids will not be embarrassed with.

So, what now? I am hoping to write or do at least one entry every week (more if time permits), and to keep this going till kingdom come. Since I started this whimsically without any thoughts, lets kick start this with a simple update of what I am doing today.

Here’s a picture of my workstation / my battlestation (as what Reddit calls it) before I cleaned it up:


Here’s a picture of it after the clean-up!

After – overall
After – closer
After – my mistress

True, it isn’t really a lot of cleaning and stuff are still very cluttered, but come on, I was not feeling well and a start is better than none, eh? Additionally, I was even doing laundry since the missus is back in her hometown with the boys and my in-laws as well. I am hoping to keep this place tidy and to show her that I ain’t a total slob whenever she’s not around =D

Oh well, time to hit the sack, better get more water. Father-in-law was so annoyed that I kept drinking non-plain water to the point that he requested me to inform him should I ever drink plain water cause he will need to see it to believe it. A grouchy chap but a good chap nevertheless.

Night all.