And here it is, the first post. The start! The entrée! Keeping sincere hopes that this does not die out the same way like my other ideas and dreams that I keeps coming up with *fingers crossed*

So, who am I? I am yet another guy in the IT cogwheels with an undying passion for PC gaming, a father of two gorgeous boys, second child of four awesome siblings, and generally your typical human being who wish that every day is a holiday with no worries at all.

So, why do I write? I have always enjoyed writing and wanted to keep my thoughts, memories, and miscellaneous thoughts, into somewhere/something that I can’t misplace or lose for good (‘less WordPress decides to shutdown *chuckle*) . Plus it is never a bad thing to practice writing, after all, my job involves plenty of writing.

So, what do I write? Aside from the stuff mentioned, in general, I plan to write about my passion (PC gaming, RPGs, etcetera), my life, and hopefully something that my kids will not be embarrassed with.

So, what now? I am hoping to write or do at least one entry every week (more if time permits), and to keep this going till kingdom come. Since I started this whimsically without any thoughts, lets kick start this with a simple update of what I am doing today.

Here’s a picture of my workstation / my battlestation (as what Reddit calls it) before I cleaned it up:


Here’s a picture of it after the clean-up!

After – overall
After – closer
After – my mistress

True, it isn’t really a lot of cleaning and stuff are still very cluttered, but come on, I was not feeling well and a start is better than none, eh? Additionally, I was even doing laundry since the missus is back in her hometown with the boys and my in-laws as well. I am hoping to keep this place tidy and to show her that I ain’t a total slob whenever she’s not around =D

Oh well, time to hit the sack, better get more water. Father-in-law was so annoyed that I kept drinking non-plain water to the point that he requested me to inform him should I ever drink plain water cause he will need to see it to believe it. A grouchy chap but a good chap nevertheless.

Night all.